Please note that I am currently booked up months ahead of time. I do sometimes have gaps where last minute orders can be fulfilled. Please allow several months notice for wedding cakes and 2-3 months for other celebrations to avoid disappointment. Thank you! 




A deposit will be required to secure your booking.  The deposit enables us to confirm your order. Orders/and or dates are NOT guaranteed until this confirmation has been given. The deposit is required within 48 hours of discussing your order for us to keep your delivery date available. A deposit of £10 is required for single tier and cupcakes, £25 for two tiered cakes and £50 for wedding cake orders.  The balance for celebration cakes must be paid either prior to or on the day of delivery/collection via bank transfer or cash.  Wedding cakes must have the remaining balance paid in full 1 calendar month before the date for delivery or collection. The deposit is non-refundable or transferable.  If your order is last minute (within 1 week of the date required) we will require payment in full at the time of booking. Once you have paid your deposit, you are deemed to be agreeing to the terms and conditions stated herein. Deposits can be paid by either cash or bank transfer:-     



Name of account holder             Mrs K Holliday                                                                                   

Account Number:                          56164696                                                               

Sort Code:                                        09-01-28   

Name of Bank                                Santander Plc




If you require a change to your order you must make your request no later than 2 weeks before the delivery/collection date for celebration cakes. Alterations to wedding cakes must be requested no later than one month before the date for the agreed collection or delivery. We cannot guarantee that we can make the change to ingredients or supplies already ordered, but we will do our best to offer the alterations where possible. There may be an additional charge for changes, such as additional ingredients, decorations, time etc. Any changes made after this time will be subject to an order adjustment fee of £15.


Late Notice Orders

If your have made your order within 1-2 weeks of the date it is due and we are able to fulfil it, there will be a rush order fee of £15 applied to your total balance. We always make sure that orders that have been made well in advance and everything is in stock for those orders. However a late order may cause us to source ingredients/equipment needed to complete your order at an increased cost to us. Please note that by paying your deposit/full balance for a late notice order, you are agreeing that you accept that some/all decorations may not be set as firmly as we normally recommend, to maintain the desired effect. We make some decorations weeks (sometimes months) in advance to ensure stability of the product. With late notice orders, there is in some instances, insufficient ‘drying’ time. We will always do our best to fulfil the order to your satisfaction within the time frame.



If you need to cancel your order, please let us know as soon as possible. Cancellations must made at least 3 weeks prior to the event date. However, if you do not give sufficient notice of cancellation, you will lose any additional payments made. If the wedding cake final payment is not paid by the agreed date and if no contact has been made by the client, we will not proceed with your cake and you will lose your deposit.



Collection is always welcomed, but we require an agreed date and time slot, as we cannot confirm our availability outside the time agreed.  Once the cake has left the premises, it then becomes your responsibility. It is then up to you to store it correctly, following our guidelines and to ensure the cake is unharmed and in the expected condition. We cannot be held responsible for any damages caused after you leave our premises. We make every effort to offer your order as fresh as possible, to ensure your satisfaction. However, if you are late for arranged pick up time or choose to store your product for use beyond our recommended date, we will not be held responsible for any defects, including but not limited to, alterations of freshness, flavour or structure/integrity of the product.




Delivery is charged at 50p per mile round trip. The mileage is calculated on Google Maps using your postcode and ours MK42 7DW. Once your product has been delivered and set up (if necessary), it is then your responsibility and we are no longer liable for any damages that may occur. 


Equipment Deposits

If you require a particular stand to use with your order, we will require a deposit that will be returned, once the equipment has been safely returned to us. The amount will be dependant on the equipment chosen as they do differ in value. We require all equipment hired to be returned as soon as possible but no later than 5 days after the event, unless otherwise agreed beforehand. If it is not returned within that time, or it is damaged in any way, the deposit will not be returned. If we have to collect the equipment, a mileage of 50p for the round trip will be charged.



Kelly's Little Cakery is an environment that may have been in contact with nuts, or is using nuts. Kelly's Little Cakery products contain gluten, eggs and dairy. There is also a family dog within our property. We wish to make all clients aware of this, as we do not want any surprises for you whilst collecting orders (Rosie is very friendly but some people may dislike dogs or have an allergy to dogs). We do stress that whilst baking and decorating, she is NOT in the work area. Please take note of these warnings when ordering. We have achieved a 5* hygiene rating from the local council even with having a family pet. 

The Customer acknowledges that all products are processed in an environment with possible allergens.   

The Customer will assume all responsibility of notifying all people that may consume our products of these possible allergen risks.



Whilst we try our best not to use anything non edible, for example cake supports, sometimes it is unavoidable for some of the designs that are requested. But we will remind you of these items upon delivery/collection and show you where they are within the cake/cupcakes.



We reserve the right to photograph your cake/cupcakes before delivery/collection for our own reference and marketing purposes.


Release and Liability

Kelly's Little Cakery will make every reasonable effort to make sure you are completely satisfied with your order. This will include providing precautionary instructions regarding environment, transportation, display advice, and product cutting suggestions. That being said, it is your responsibility to inspect your order BEFORE you leave with your product/or we leave you with your product after delivery. Any problems/issues that occur after that point, become the customers sole responsibility. If the client is not available upon delivery/set up to sign for the cake/cupcakes, a photograph will be taken to insure the condition of the cake has been left in an undamaged condition. This photograph will have the date and time of delivery as a record for our records. 


No refunds will be given unless there is a genuine problem with your order. In such an instance, do not eat or throw the cake away, as you will need to return it to us for inspection, so we can ascertain if a refund is appropriate. If the cake cannot be returned, then no refund will be given in any instance.   


Kelly's Little Cakery reserves the right to use creative freedom on all orders. We will make every effort to create all orders as close to any pictures/drawings that have been provided. Due to differences in skill set, available equipment, artistic expression, etc, the product/s may not be an exact replica. Please note that colours may vary due to different brands used. The colours on electronic screens can differ between devices. Some cakes may require alteration due to copyright issues and design requirements. Each cake artist has their own style, you can view our photographs on our website.   


We value our customers and will make all efforts to rectify any situations that fall within these terms and conditions. 


Distant Selling Regulations do not apply as all our orders are personalised and made to order.


I agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this contract.


An electronic agreement is accepted as a written signature.



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