Here is the flavour station to tickle your tastebuds! You can choose and create whichever combination you would like....

Cake Flavours

Luxury Chocolate

White Chocolate and Raspberry

Cherry Bakewell

Mint Chocolate

Chocolate Orange

Red Velvet

Vanilla Coffee

Lemon and Poppy Seed

Luscious Lemon


(you provide Champagne or additional charge)


(you provide Baileys or additional charge)



Carrot Cake

Fruit Cake (Additional Charge)

Eggless Sponges

Luxury Chocolate Cake

Red Velvet



White Chocolate Ganache

Milk Chocolate Ganache

(All Kelly's Little Cakery cakes are coated in ganache before applying the icing - so you may not want it as a filling as well.)


Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate Orange Buttercream

Mint Chocolate Buttercream

Mint Oreo Buttercream

Strawberry Milkshake Buttercream

Vanilla Buttercream

Coffee Buttercream

Lemon Buttercream

Lemon Curd

Strawberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

Black Cherry Jam

Cream Cheese Buttercream

Salted Caramel Buttercream

Peanut Butter Buttercream

Champagne Buttercream

(you provide the Champagne or additional charge)

Baileys Buttercream

(you provide the Baileys or additional charge)