Please note that I am currently booked up months ahead of time. I do sometimes have gaps where last minute orders can be fulfilled. Please allow several months notice for wedding cakes and 2-3 months for other celebrations to avoid disappointment. Thank you! 

Let me introduce myself....My name is Kelly and I am a mother of two girls. I currently live in Kempston -Bedford with my husband and children, and one day we hope to move to the country and have my very own purpose built cakery workshop!  That's one of the many dreams anyway!

When my eldest was turning 2, I decided to make her birthday cake. That was when I realised how much I enjoyed making and decorating it.  After that, my next door neighbour asked if I would make her daughter’s birthday cake the following month. That is where it all began. I then carried on making cakes and cupcakes for family and friends. I would watch video tutorials and practise my modelling etc. I was completely self-taught.

After several months, I decided to go back to school!! I enrolled myself into my local college to study cake decorating in the hope I would receive a qualification at the end of it. I came away with a Distinction in ABC Level 1 Cake Decorating.  Chuffed to say the least!

During my time at college, my tutor encouraged me to enter a competition for cake decorating. It took months of hard work to get the cake finished along with being a full time mother. 'Le Salon Culinaire International Londres', I achieved a Bronze award! Whilst at the show, I met Paul Hollywood who had a bread and pastry stand there. Star struck was an understatement!! I was also lucky enough to chat to him and show him my cake entry. He critiqued it 'British Bake Off' style!

Not long after that, my tutor entered the same cake (I used dummies instead of real cake) into another competition. Wessex Salon Culinaire, I was awarded a gold medal and best in class! My cake was placed on display in the reception of the college.

I was hoping to go back to continue to gain more qualifications but by that point, I was heavily pregnant so decided to take some time out to enjoy my baby. I hope that not too long into the future, I shall return to college to better my skills and further my career. So that was where I was then....and this is where I am now...